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Thread: [RESOLVED] Fast transfer byte data to picturebox?

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Fast transfer byte data to picturebox?

    I need to transfer a block of pixel values as quickly as possible to a picturebox control. The data will be in a byte array representing 512 pixels by 4 lines. The data is greyscale values from 0 to 255 but I could easily store each value three times to represent R, G and B if that made it easier/quicker to write the values to the picturebox.

    I've used fastpix (by Vic Joseph "Boops Boops") in the past but this seems more geared towards fast plotting of individual pixels and as I have a pre-formatted block of pixel data I was wondering about alternatives. I've done a bit of research and BitBlt seems interesting, but can this be used with a byte array as the "source"? All the examples I've seen are for transferring/merging between bitmaps/pictureboxes. How about Direct Memory Access? I just need a simple "brute force" method of getting my pre-formatted data into the picturebox.

    Thanks for your help.

    Oh, when I say "fast" I mean I'd like to plot my 512 x 4 pixels in less than 10mS.
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