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    [VB6] Animated GIF Control

    Posting this as a gift, take it or leave it. An older project and it will not be modified or enhanced.

    The project only supports GIFs, animated or not. It is compact, rather simple, but offers several user-defined options. This UserControl can be created as a stand-alone OCX or simply added to any existing project, as-is. The UserControl is just 1 file and is 100% self-contained with no dependencies.

    The control is windowless, light weight, and also easy on CPU usage. I wouldn't try animating dozens of them at once though.

    There are 2 methods of loading a GIF

    1. Design-time only. Use the AnimatedGIF property sheet item. This property is disabled during run-time and does not support unicode file names

    2. Run-time only. Use one of these & review code comments
    a. LoadAnimatedGIF_Array
    b. LoadAnimatedGIF_File (unicode supported)
    c. LoadAnimatedGIF_Remote (unicode not supported)

    The logic I used with this control is unique and is described with the included RTF document. The change history and brief overview of public properties/methods can be found near top of the usercontrol's code.

    If all you want is a simple, easy control for animated GIFs, here you go...
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