To begin with I wanted to share my pain with everyone (not really). What I really wanted to share with that even with a very odd error message that one can sometimes come away with a quick fix by self-helping one'self using Google.

Problem: VS2010 will not run
Symptoms: Error dialog from devenv “Cannot create window”
Solution: replace machine.config with machine.config.default and now VS2010 runs fine.

I tried to start IBM Client Access navigator (used for working with DB2 servers and their data) but received a message that Window’s could not locate the executable which still exists but long story short is missing one or more support files. So I decide to swivel my chair to my secondary computer where Client Access navigator is working fine. While waiting for our service desk to evaluate the Client Access navigator issue I go back to that computer and fire up VS2010 but was greeted with “Cannot create window.” I am not a happy camper but found out quickly via Google that the “Cannot create window” search first article was pointing to IBM Client Access. Once I replaced my machine.config file with the contents of machine.config.default VS2010 was up and running again.

Time spent on Google: less than 30 seconds
Winning link from Google: