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Thread: VB windows application error??

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    VB windows application error??

    recently i received a project to help the company do some changes to the layout and other stuffs but the previous programmer has gone MIA.. the manager found some files which look like codes... i open the frm files with Visual Studio 2010 but a lot of error came out like obsolete coding and etc... also from my knowledge i thought that should have the project file.. what i means is that for example is i create a new windows application project with VS 2010 the .vbproj file will be generated but i could not find this file from what is given to me.. so i would like to check how could i go around to edit the codes and afterards compile it so that it will change the program...

    the program also have a setup file which install the program on the client computer and exe file to run the program...

    furthermore when i try out the application i receive this error:

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    Re: VB windows application error??

    IMO, it's a VB6 project
    Then you should look for a file with .vbp extension and open it with VB6 and not with VS2010

    The error message is saying that in the pc where you're trying to execute the application is neccesary to define a DSN that point to the database that use the application...


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    Re: VB windows application error??

    Look for a vbp file; if found then that's a classic VB project then. It will also identify other parts of that application, including any modules, classes, usercontrols, dependencies, etc. This can be viewed in Notepad. If you find the file and are not familiar with the contents, you may want to upload it so some of us can take a look at it
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    Re: VB windows application error??

    You could try using the Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard which is shipped with Visual Basic 2008 Express (as with all the other Express products it's freely available from Microsoft.

    It attempts to convert VB6 projects to .NET and at least you'd get an idea of the amount of changes in syntax etc you'd have to make. Just start up VB2008 and open the .vbp file. The converted Project can then be opened in VB2010 (and it will undergo another conversion).

    I've used it on a very simple VB6 project successfully. I suspect that anything 'complex' may stretch the convertor.

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