Hello everyone,

I'm trying to do a little remake of the old game Achtung! Die Kurve, which is a snake-like game, but with multiple players trying to corner eachother until one remains. Don't play it, it's way to addictive, thats why i'm doing the remake now, I want to play it with up to 8 players instead of 6.

Now here's the problem: to draw the snake, i just use the GDI+ and make it draw a 3x3 rectangle on the form background. It works fine, until you resize or minimize/maximize or something like that, which causes a complete repaint of the form. This is not a problem... but when I press ALT or TAB, the form repaints. And even stranger: it only happens the first time I hit each button. I can make it happen twice by hitting ALT and then TAB or vice versa, after that, nothing.

I really don't get it, and its driving me crazy. I dont want a game with a splash screen saying 'First hit alt, then tab to start the game. Not at the same time that makes you leave the game.'