The exception message I am receiving is this...
"Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime."

Now I've traced my values being passed and everything is correct. Values loops through 1 to 12 but still I continue to receive an exception. Only way I can avoid this is by throwing a Try, Catch statement around where I'm passing over the value. Now I'm un settling with this as a solution so I'd prefer to figure this out and fix it rather than over looking it with a try, catch.

Here's my code..

001 Dim Calendar(11) As AppointmentBookControl.AppointmentBookControlMonthlyOverviewCalendarControl
003 For i As Integer = 0 to Calendar.GetUpperBound(0)
004    Calendar(i) = New AppointmentBookControl.AppointmentBookControlMonthlyOverviewCalendarControl
006    Me.CalendarContainer.Controls.Add(Calendar(i))
007    With Calendar(i)
008       .BackColor = Color.White
009       .Width = [Region].Width-16
010       .Location = New Point(8, 8+i*(.Height+8))
011      .Month = i+1
012       .Name = "CalendarControl" & i.ToString()
013    End With
014 Next i

Line '011 .Month = i+1' is where the problem is located. The values for (i+1) maintain within the bounds of 1 through 12.. yet still cause an issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.