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Thread: !! New Version of the ScrollFrame for Your Strategy Games !!

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    !! New Version of the ScrollFrame for Your Strategy Games !!

    Here is the new and improved version of the Frame ActiveX Control, that I have been able to write for the Forum Admin, Members and Guests, all alike...
    I have a huge free products range, of computer software in which you can download using any kind of 32-Bit Web Browser. Also there is coming a Social Networking section that I am making on my Website...

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    Do you wish to do unpaid work for me??? If so, the PM me on this Forum, and then we can get to work, programming for the future of computers go by the name of ThEiMp. This is my ghost writers name. Also my nickname, means that I am: The Imperial of the Technology Industry, so then to make it really short, I just then wrote: The Imp, which is where I get the nickname from...

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    Re: !! New Version of the ScrollFrame for Your Strategy Games !!

    where is the attachment ...bro

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    Re: !! New Version of the ScrollFrame for Your Strategy Games !!

    Quote Originally Posted by jedifuk View Post
    where is the attachment ...bro
    I think this is what you are looking for.
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