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Thread: creation of xml doc with proper formatting

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    creation of xml doc with proper formatting

    creating a xml dcoument from database thr' code in vb6.0 & validating it against xsd using msxml4.0
    everything working fine
    the xml file is formed from the code / the data i get during runitme
    when i validate it it gives me the validation results but it seems that the entire xml doument is in one line though the xml document tags appears in diferent lines
    as when i validate it for multiple error it gives me every time line 1 but change in column no

    i made the same file wth same data manually & validated it
    in that i get the proper line no & column no
    suppose the error is in line 10 i get line no 10 column no 5

    but the file that is generated dynamically gives me error but taking the whole document as line 1
    how do i recitfy it so that i get the proper line no
    though it appears properly in the browser ie all the nodes, subnodes, elements appears propelry as needed

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    Re: creation of xml doc with proper formatting

    Add a newline character at the end of each line? The escape is "\n".
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