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    Lightbulb [TuT] Get Your IP [VB6]

    Hi everybody here !
    I`m noob of vb6 and today i will show u how to make a program that shows your IP ! Its noob friendly and everyone can do it !

    Lets start !

    Requirements :
    - Visual Basic 6

    Now make a new form , edit it how you want ...
    Then add to this form :

    - 1 button ( Change its caption to " Get IP " )
    - 1 textbox ( Leave it blank )

    Don`t change anything else at the properties !

    And you need Inet component , go to the menu called Project => Component => And choose "Microsoft Internet Transfer Controls 6.0" , click Apply and OK !

    Then at the toolbox that contains controls you should see the icon of Inet control ! Click it and then add Inet to your form. After finishing that step your form will look like this :

    Now lets go to , you will see your IP there !
    Double click on the page ang view the page source :
    Press on ur keyboard CTRL + F (Find) and search for the string below without quotes :
    " Your IP Address Is: "
    There , close the string above , you should see the following HTML comment :

    <!--Please set your code to scrape your IP from For more info, please see our "Recommended Automation Practices" thread in the Forum.-->
    So we need that URL for our program :

    You can check it by opening it in your webrowser , you should only your IP , if you double click in the page and view its source , you will view only your IP , and not any other HTML code.. !
    So thats perfect for our program !

    Right now we're going to add a a little code to our program , to make it functional.
    Double click on the button in our form with the caption "Get IP".
    Now there between that :

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    End Sub
    We'll add this little piece of code :

    IP Code:
    1. Text1.Text = Inet1.OpenURL("")

    This code will get the IP from WhatIsMyIp !

    Now run the program by pressing F5 on your keyboard !
    Click "Get IP" and after a few seconds , you should see at the textbox your IP !

    Hope you like this noob friendly tutorial ! If you do , please +REP !
    Its my first one here.
    Enjoy !!
    Please don't copy that in other forums without my permission , if you do , at least give credit to me !

    Regards => noob of vb6 !

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    Re: [TuT] Get Your IP [VB6]

    Nice tut tho I think it should be moved to the code bank

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    Re: [TuT] Get Your IP [VB6]

    A Noob friendly piece of Noob code. Happy Noob-a-ling! Just joking. Thanks for the tute.

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