I'm confused. I think this is a bug, but maybe I just don't understand.

The basic problem is if I specify a Value property for items in either a DropDownList or a ListBox control - I can not subsequently get the text displayed in the control as the .text property always returns the Value.

For both the DropDownList and ListBox controls, if I add items without specifying a value, then go back and read the .text property, it gives me the text. No problem. Perfect. Exactly what I want.

However let's say I need to also know other information about the items in the list, such as maybe a number associated with each entry, but I don't want to display that number in the list. I use the value property right? It is stated this is what the value property is for.

The issue comes when I set the value property of items in either of these controls... When I subsequently try to read the .text property, it gives me the value instead. In fact I can not figure out how to subsequently access the text of the selected item.