This example is a "port" of vb6 animation tool to VB.NET 2010
The project shows how to use DxIce game engine to render (directX9) to a picture box on a .NET form This way it's easy to mix win forms control with dxICE rendered games or graphics. for DxIce v1.80

Another cool feature is the use of contents folder and
enabling of Edit&Continue debugging. pro tip for Edit&Continue
a) In project properties -> Compile -> advanced compile options make sure to have
1) enable optimizations OFF
2) generate debug info FULL
b) in Tools -> Options -> Debug -> enable edit & continue
c) for DxICE game engine
1) in solution explorer goto References ( show all files if not visible)
2) change Interop.Dx9Ice180 and Interop.Dx9IceA to
Embedded = False and Copy Local = True
d) (perhaps only needed on 64bit machines) You need to have Platform x86 (using Any CPU will not work because 64 bit application E&C is not supported)

DxICE Forum topic link
Requirements: DirectX9, DxICE SDK 1.80, 2010 express
You can get DxICE SDK (royalty free) from the link above and you should get DirectX9 download and VB.NET 2010 express for free at Microsoft if you havent already got them