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    C# XNA: Wormipede Port

    This is a direct (nearly) line-for-line port of My old Games Contest Submission: Wormipede, located HERE

    I basically converted one function at a time, and split the drawing and processing into different functions for readability and to more fit in with the framework's expectation of code placement: Namely the Update function is there for code placement of non-drawing code, and Draw is there for actual sprite/background drawing.

    The game could still be considered a work in progress, but it's pretty much fully playable. The only thing that doesn't work is the exit button on screen. However, i have included xbox 360 controller support via x and y, start and exit buttons, and the gamepad.

    There have been light adjustments to the way the sprites move, but probably the biggest change is that thanks to rotation, i no longer have a different sprite for each direction.

    Issue: Spider graphic is not transparent.
    Issue: No code to support exiting by clicking button, but close box works. It didn't work in the original either.
    Issue: Heartbeat sound doesn't loop properly. This isn't a code issue. The sound itself is corrupted.
    Issue: High scores aren't stored. This is in fact intentional.
    Change: Form size is fixed
    Change: Xbox 360 controller support
    Change: Code clean-up (but it's still a wreck)
    Change: XNA instead of DX7
    Change: C# instead of vb6

    Requirements: XNA Studio 4.0, VC# 2010, Updated DirectX.

    I will be doing a complete re-write of this from the ground up soon to take advantage of what i've learned, and use per-pixel placement of items and movement instead of a grid.

    If anyone is interested in doing some artwork, i could use some tile graphics. The new version will have 20x20 tiles, and i'm not good enough to make it look good.

    If you use any code in here, gimme credit.
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