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Thread: Directx Tiles Shaded/Squares Error

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    Directx Tiles Shaded/Squares Error

    Ok, I am developing this game engine in Vb.Net... it used the Microsoft.Directx.Direct3d namespace. I have tested this in my Win7 Laptop (the Pc I used to dev it in) my windows xp laptop but as I sent it to a friend the graphics look like this.

    Any reasons this maybe occuring? More info is available if you all have any questions!

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    Re: Directx Tiles Shaded/Squares Error

    It certainly looks like a texture alpha issue. I assume you have a setup file that's including any managed DirectX libraries you're using? Machine to machine I don't know why they'd be different though.
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    Re: Directx Tiles Shaded/Squares Error

    Another posibility perhaps is the (default) texture/backbuffer format being different per machine.
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