Hello everyone!

Again with the second part of my problem.

mciSendString is working fine with WAV files, but an error pops when trying to open an MP3.

When the filename is given, the following code runs:

Public Property Let FileName(pFilename As String)
    If FileExist(pFilename) Then
        mPathFilename = pFilename
        mSongFile = Chr(34) & pFilename & Chr(34)
        mSongType = UCase(Right(pFilename, 3))
        Select Case mSongType
        Case "MP3"
            mDeckFileType = " type mpegvideo "
        Case "WAV"
            mDeckFileType = " type waveaudio "
        Case Else
            mAddToMon "ERR: " & mSongType
        End Select

        mAddToMon "No such file!"
    End If
End Property
The DeviceOpen procedure is where the issue raises:

Private Sub DeviceOpen()
    Dim iSend As String    
    iSend = "open " & mSongFile & mDeckFileType & " alias " & mDeckAlias
    mDeckSendStringRtn = mciSendString(iSend, mDeckSendStringResult, 128, 0)
    If DeviceError() = True Then        
        mDeckOpened = False
       mDeckOpened = True
    End If
End Sub
DeviceError, when the file is a WAV works fine, but, when it is an MP3 the following error raises:

263;The specified device is not open or is not recognized by MCI.
Can anyone help me on this one?