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Thread: Can't get the volume with mciSendString

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    Can't get the volume with mciSendString

    Hello Everyone!!!

    I am working in a multimedio player. I have being working with mcisendstring with fairly success, until recently with two problems, one of which I will like to address in this thread.

    I do open, close, play, stop and pause the device ok. I use the seek, position, length. The problem is with trying to retrieve the current volume level, which I am supposed to do with the following statement:

    Private Function DeviceVolumeGet() As Integer
        Dim iSend As String
        Dim iVolIs As Integer
        If mDeckOpened = True Then        
            iSend = "status " & Trim(mDeckAlias) & " volume"         
            mDeckSendStringResult = Space(128)
            mDeckSendStringRtn = mciSendString(iSend, mDeckSendStringResult, 128, 0)
            iVolIs = Val(RemoveStr(mDeckSendStringResult, Chr(0)))
        End If
    End Function
    The function always returns zero, and the DeviceError procedure always shows the following error.

    290;The specified parameter is invalid for this command.
    The iSend string variable holds

    status deck volume
    Where deck is the alias declared in the open statement

    Can anyone tell what am I doing wrong?

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