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Thread: Prevent Clicking Other form

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    Unhappy Prevent Clicking Other form

    hi all
    need some help about form
    i have two form 1 is maximize and the other 1 is small type kinda login system..
    and i dont want the user to click the main form, it will access the main form if he types the correct info on login form....

    thank you...

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    Re: Prevent Clicking Other form

    If you don't want anyone using the big form until they login, then why are you showing it at all?

    When they execute your program, display the login form and nothing else.

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    Re: Prevent Clicking Other form

    I agree with Hack, just don't show the main form until after they have already logged in.

    For future forms, where your main window is up and you spawn a new window that needs to block input from the main form, you would use the ShowDialog method.

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    Re: Prevent Clicking Other form

    If it's something like a login system then you can use "Using" on your login to show the main form and me.hide for the login form(me.hide first), the next line on the using would be something like me.close or Application.Exit so when you close the main form you won't go back on the login form but you will exit the application.
    For a simple project i guess it's sufficient.
    Slow as hell.

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