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Thread: help me pls - this about barcode and stuff

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    help me pls - this about barcode and stuff

    Hey ya'll. Im a still a noob in vb. And Im working on my program on VB2008. The process is that in the first form, the user must fill in a few textboxes and after entering data, an identifier will be autogenerated composed of numbers, and saved to the database. After pressing OK the next thing is that Im supposed to convert this numbers to a barcode, the black and white lines. I cant seem to do it, Ive searched the net but still cant find any answers.

    Hope you guys help me out here.

    Thanks, Peace!

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    Re: help me pls - this about barcode and stuff

    What kind of barcode? There are many different flavors, depending on what you are doing (3of9, 128, UPC, EAN, ...). If you need UPC, this article on code project has a lot of good information:


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