A huge IT hiring/staffing/placement company in the US wants me to take a select2perform online test (a PreVisor company) relating to the .NET framework, ASP, and VB and possibly C# beforing applying to an absolutely PERFECT local job I really want!

I'm pretty confident in my memory and programming skills and did great at college test but I just don't feel good about going into a test completely blind. Basically all they gave me was "here, take a test" and that's all the info. I found out online that the questions are timed at 3 minutes a piece max and there's typically 20-25 questions. Other than that, I don't have any idea what kind of test it is.

I believe this is the same site I took a typing and simulated MS Office test at (which I set the company record on cuz it was Office 2001 ) but programming sounds scarier So I was wondering if anyone took a programming test from them in the past. I want to study up just a little beforehand but I'm lost. Are they syntax questions or theory or history or specific areas of the framework or "you be the compiler" type questions or what? I want to be at least a little prepared so any advice or history on this company's testing methods would be very helpful