I am using this code I got when I googled. It locks up the form for 4-10 full seconds! Very strange. I have a VERY FAST comp/connection. I am looking for better code that runs smoothly. I'd also like if it fails to load something like error.jpg or something, not just staying blank. I don't know where to throw this in the code. I have only loaded 1 PictureBox on the interface, but in the end, I want to load 6-10 on one form at one time.

Imports System.IO
Imports System.Net
Imports System.Text

    Public Sub LoadPics()
        LoadWebImageToPictureBox(picCrop1, "http://www.sample.com/image.jpg")
    End Sub

    Public Function LoadWebImageToPictureBox(ByVal pb _
      As PictureBox, ByVal ImageURL As String) As Boolean

        Dim objImage As MemoryStream
        Dim objwebClient As WebClient
        Dim sURL As String = Trim(ImageURL)
        Dim bAns As Boolean

            If Not sURL.ToLower().StartsWith("http://") _
                 Then sURL = "http://" & sURL
            objwebClient = New WebClient()

            objImage = New  _
            pb.Image = Image.FromStream(objImage)
            bAns = True
        Catch ex As Exception

            bAns = False
        End Try

        Return bAns

    End Function