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Thread: how to fax from Windows

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    how to fax from Windows

    Was going to write my own FAX software in VB Classic, but couldn't find all the needed
    info or sample in time allocated. Used the following procedure to Scan and Fax
    some documents. Hopefully, may help others as little available on web of
    actual steps you go through.

    HowTo Scan and FAX
    Windows XP

    Step 1 – Verify Hardware
    1) Verify dial-up modem is installed and telephone line connected
    2) Verify scanner power plug is plugged in and USB connector is connected.

    Step 2 – Create Directory to Hold Scanned Documents
    1) Scanned documents are pictures
    2) Logical directory to place them is:
    Desktop \ My Documents \ My Pictures \ <user named directory>
    3) Create the needed directory (folder)

    Step 3 – Scan Documents
    1) From Start Button, select:
    Programs\Accessories\Camera\Scanner and Camera Wizard
    2) Choose option button:
    Black and White Picture or Text (best), or
    Grayscale picture
    3) Choose TIF image from dropdown combobox
    (unknown whether other than TIF will fax?)
    4) Enter document in scanner and follow the wizard selections.
    5) Scan all your documents into the previously created directory
    and make sure to change the document name. The wizard will
    automatically append a number if a duplicate file name is used
    so the previously scanned document is not over written.
    6) NOTE: There appears to be a bug in the Scanner and Camera Wizard.
    as it will only let you scan one page at a time, and after scanning
    it appears to hang the system. I needed to use Task Manager to
    clear it after every page.

    Step 4 – Fax the Scanned Documents (now TIF pictures)
    1) Goto directory which holds scanned documents
    2) Left double-click one image
    3) The “Photo Printing Wizard” will appear along with all the pictures in the directory.
    4) Select document(s) to be faxed.
    You can select one, several (click checkbox in upper right corner of picture), or choose all.
    5) Under “What Printer” choose FAX
    6) Select Print. The “Send Fax Wizard” will appear.
    7) Follow the Wizard and all documents previously selected will be faxed.
    8) NOTE:
    After faxing, is finished, a window appears which seems to be some default
    to put you in “receive fax” mode??. I have “receive fax” turned off so not
    sure what is this window. I closed it.
    9) To confirm faxes were sent go to Start Button:
    Then go to “Sent Box” and confirm FAX was sent.

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    Re: how to fax from Windows

    Thread moved to the "UtilityBank - Tutorials" forum, and thread title changed (thanks for your comments on the location etc folks, but I have removed the posts to keep this thread tidier)

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