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Thread: Workbook_AfterSave() fake event

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    Workbook_AfterSave() fake event

    In ThisWorkbook module:
    Option Explicit
    Private bSaved As Boolean '-- used to pass value from BeforSave to AfterSave
    Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
        bSaved = Me.Saved '-- remember the current Saved status
        If Me.Saved Then Me.Saved = False  '-- assume the workbook was not Saved
        MsgBox "BeforeSave"
        '-- Code for BeforeSave here if required
        Application.OnTime Now, "ThisWorkbook.Workbook_AfterSave"
        '-- the call to Workbook_AfterSave will be delayed until the saving is
        '-- completed or cancelled
    End Sub
    Private Sub Workbook_AfterSave() '-- a fake event that will be called by BeforeSave
        If Me.Saved = False Then '-- Save has been cancelled either in code or in SaveAsUI
            If bSaved Then Me.Saved = True '-- reset to previous Saved status
            Exit Sub '-- Save was not occured so cancel AfterSave
        End If
        MsgBox "AfterSave"
        '-- Code for AfterSave here
    End Sub
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    Re: Workbook_AfterSave() fake event


    I found this very helpful and have been using it but recently noticed a problem and was wondering if anyone had a workaround.

    I made a very simple workbook to test this. If I have the following three procedures in the ThisWorkbook module.

    If I click the "Save" button in Excel, I see both messages.

    However, if I run the Test subroutine, I only see the "Before Save" message. For some reason, if saved programmatically, either Application.OnTime does not set the schedule or the schedule does not run.

    Can anyone help or provide a workaround so that the fake After Save procedure will run regardless of whether or not the save was manual or by code?

    Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
      MsgBox "Before Save"
      Application.OnTime Now(), "ThisWorkbook.Fake_Workbook_AfterSave"
    End Sub
    Public Sub Fake_Workbook_AfterSave()
      MsgBox "Fake After Save"
    End Sub
    Public Sub Test()
    End Sub
    I should point out that although I am using Excel 2010 and have access to the real Workbook_AfterSave event, some users of the spreadsheets do not, hence using the workaround in the first place.

    Thank you very much in advance,


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    Re: Workbook_AfterSave() fake event

    Please note that I have cross-posted this here:

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