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    Tips and Tricks

    Here's my personal library of hints, examples and tricks. There may be a few that do not work and some that are useless now (resetting the resolution on the fly was really cool when windows used to require a re-boot to accomplish the same task, not much use now). I wanted to clean it up before i posted it but I realized that wasn't going to happen. So it was either share it "as is" or do not share it at all.

    There is some cool stuff in here. There are some tips I never incorporated, I even had to delete some because the file was too big.

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    Re: Tips and Tricks

    Nice job - thanks for sharing

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    Re: Tips and Tricks

    Hello I am developing a project in vb.net to scan several pages in multipages anyone has any tips. I'm picking up enough lol
    Need to save these images in tiff or pdf format ...

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