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    Resolved [RESOLVED] add file AS LINK to an project

    I was able to add a file as-link to an project, as you can see in the image:

    see the difference in the icon for files added as-link and files added as"normal"

    but now don't remember how to add a file as link, or if this was because some add-in.
    I've vs2010 installed in both desktop and laptop, the same of a few coworkers, and I like to have several general file (used as links) in different folders as the project folders.

    anyway don't sure of as-link or normal are important in an project.
    the only difference I've noted is that link files can't be edited when in debug.

    basically I'm thinking in add as-link the files that are shared/used in several projects, as general modules or classes that have functions or subs intended to be as shared.

    so the question mainly is
    how to add a file as-link ?

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    Re: add file AS LINK to an project

    Select the Add Existing Item option, either by right-clicking the project in the Solution Explorer or from the Project menu. Select a file and then click the drop-down arrow on the Add button. You'll find the option you want there.
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    Resolved Re: add file AS LINK to an project

    how hate the hidden options !!

    is really needed hidden an option in an combo in an button?
    when there is only two possible values?

    if you can only select TWO options: Add or AddAsLink
    there is not better other ways as venerable old check or option button? even two simple buttons...

    too old dog for the hidden options.

    the same in the search dialog, hate these combo fo hidden options!
    if an dialog have a few options please (microsoft) do all they visible at time and with visible shortcuts if possible.

    of course all my critics is not with you, but microsoft and all these "modern UI designers".

    for you my thanks

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