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Thread: MSCOMM error in Excel 2007

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    MSCOMM error in Excel 2007

    Hi All,

    I m trying to create a VBA application in excel 2007.

    My application requires serial port connection and hence i have downloaded MSCOMM32.ocx and had registered it under c:/windows/system32/MSCOMM32.ocx

    In the Toolbox of VBA using additional controls i selected the Microsoft communication control 6.0. The icon of serial port comm control got added in the toolbox.

    Now when i drag the com port control to my form i get an error "The subject is not trusted for specified action".

    I m not sure how to eliminate this error.

    I m using windows 7 OS. I searched internet for the solution but in vain.

    Any suggestion is much appreciated.

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    Re: MSCOMM error in Excel 2007

    Ironic, I was just having the same problem and found this page:


    Basic issue as reported is that Internet Explorer security settings can block mscomm32.ocx from being used. Solution was to modify a registry setting as follows:

    Here is their solution:

    >>Use regedit and then search for:
    >>If the value of the compatibility flag is 400, there is your problem. Modify the compatibility flag to a value of 0.
    >>If the value is already 0 then your problem is elsewhere.

    Fixed things for me. See that thread for more details and discussion. Your mileage may vary.

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    Re: MSCOMM error in Excel 2007

    hey it solved the problem.
    thanks :-)

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