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Thread: Enhanced CS Tabbed Web Browser

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    Enhanced CS Tabbed Web Browser

    Enhanced CS Tabbed Web Browser. Last updated: 23rd July 2010

    Note: VB.Net Version can be found here.

    With the consent of jmcilhinney, I have taken the original Tabbed Web Browser code which you can find here:


    C# version can be found here:


    And started extending it to include some additional functionality. The first major addition is the ability to enumerate and to the Favourites that are contained within the Users Favourites folder on their machine. Details regarding how this was achieved can be found in this post:


    Author name:
    Gary Ewan Park

    Update history:

    23rd December 2011

    I took jmcilhinney's original code and added the following:
    1. Favourites TreeView populated with all Favourites in User's Favourites Folder
    2. Ability to delete selected Favourite from TreeView
    3. Ability to add new Favourite based on currently viewed web page
    4. Ability to add new Folders within the Favourite Folder
    5. Ability to hide the Favourites TreeView

    Todo List:
    1. Implement Feeds Section
    2. Implement History Section
    3. Ability to delete entire Favourites Directory from TreeView
    4. Add icons to TreeView for both Directories and individual Favourites using FavIcons

    Feel free to make more suggestions for things to add.

    Known Issues:
    None at present, but feel free to submit issues by posting a comment.


    Latest Code:
    You can find this on github here:

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