I am having an issue playing video with an embedded Windows Media Player control. It plays fine on Windows XP but comes up blank on Windows 7. I am guessing it is compatibility between version 11 and 12. Am I correct in thinking that Windows 7 will not play the Media Player 11 control? If so, how do I package my product to work with XP and Win 7? If I develop on Win 7 will the Media Player 12 embedded control play on XP (backward compatible)?
Should my requirements be that Media Play 11 is installed? I am just confused because I cannot find anyone else having the same issue. Has anyone experienced this or know about it?
My problems are, Video was playing in Windows 7 but clicking the video gave an untrappable (didnt catch) error (crash) in the Click event of the video... then suddenly (i think after a windows update) the video is not Playing anymore. But it plays fine and does not give the click error on Windows XP.

Any ideas?