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Thread: Importing Xml to Access

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    Importing Xml to Access

    Hello I want to build a program, that automatically imports lots of xml files to access database. The number of files, probably will be between 100-500.
    I have a couple of questions.
    1. Sould I work with datasets, open database, close etc? If I want to import only one file, I open access, go tο File > Get External Data ....
      Is there a way to do this through vb, underground for number of files?
    2. If I work with dataset, should I close and dispose connection every time a file is loaded, or should I load all files and then close?
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    Re: Importing Xml to Access

    Do you want to load the elements in your file or the entire file?

    How does your XML look like? .NET allows you to use your XML like a record source.
    Here's an article that describes this.

    In my opinion, it would depend on the number of files you have to process and the time that it takes to process each file?
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    Re: Importing Xml to Access

    For now I don't have a file, to see it's structure.
    Probably next, week. I will follow your link, and study it.

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    Re: Importing Xml to Access

    if all of the files have the same structure and layout, I'd probably see about reading them all into one datatable , then loop through it and insert into Access.

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