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Thread: [RESOLVED] Any Good API's for playing sound effects?

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Any Good API's for playing sound effects?

    I am wondering if there are any good API's that can play multiple .WAV files at the same time with a choosen pan and volume.

    And i also need to play long wav or mp3 files as background music for the game im making.

    So if anyone knows a good API for all this then i would really appreciate it if you posted it
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    Re: Any Good API's for playing sound effects?

    There are several methods shown in the article How can I play MP3/WAV songs? from the "Multimedia" section of our Classic VB FAQs (in the FAQ forum)

    I'm not entirely sure of the limitations of each method, but you should be able to work something out with at least one of them.

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