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    Cool Copying Directorys


    I want to include a function in my program that involves my copying files from my cd drive D:/ to my hard drive C:/.

    The code I'm using is below but it isn't working. The first one came up with an error, and the second one didn't come up with an error but didn't copy the files, I've searched round the internet but can't find anything.
    vb.net Code:
    1. My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyFile(foundFile, destPath & foundFile, True)
    2. Dim srcPath As String
    3.         Dim destPath As String
    4.         srcPath = ComboBox1.Text & "Web Browser"
    5.         destPath = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonProgramFiles)
    6.        My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyDirectory(srcPath, destPath, True)
    8. Dim srcPath As String
    9.         Dim destPath As String
    10.         srcPath = ComboBox1.Text & "Web Browser"
    11.         destPath = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonProgramFiles)
    12.         ' set the current directory to the source
    13.         My.Computer.FileSystem.CurrentDirectory = srcPath
    14.         ' loop through the files in the directory
    15.         For Each foundFile As String In My.Computer.FileSystem.GetFiles _
    16.         (My.Computer.FileSystem.CurrentDirectory)
    17.             ' strip off the directory    
    18.             foundFile = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Right(foundFile, Len(foundFile) - 3)
    19.             ' check for .bmp extension    
    20.             If Microsoft.VisualBasic.Right(foundFile, 4) = ".bmp" Then
    21.                 ' copy the file        
    22.                 My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyFile(foundFile, destPath & foundFile, True)
    23.             End If
    24.         Next
    The combo box allows the user to select which drive the cd is in, incase you were wondering.

    Can anyone help?


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    Re: Copying Directorys

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    Re: Copying Directorys

    Isn't working isn't much help. A LOT more detail of the problems you are having is needed.
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    Cool Re: Copying Directorys

    The error for the first section of code is "IOException was unhandled" and the error was about the last line of text in the first piece of code:

    "My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyDirectory(srcPath, destPath, True)"

    I think it's because you can only use this code to copy directorys on C:\ to C:\.

    Is there a way to get around it?

    The second segment of code is another piece of code I tried, it didn't come up with a error but didn't copy the files.

    Is there anything else you need to know?



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