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Thread: VB6 -- Edit Image

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    Exclamation VB6 -- Edit Image


    I wanted help on a program that would edit an image. What i actually want is to add a strip containing some text to the image.

    This means that I have to increase the height of the image and add my default banner.

    How can this be done ? Is there any available submission or any other post that might help me to get started ??

    Thanks for ur Help in advance.
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    Re: VB6 -- Edit Image

    Check PSC... : planetsourcecode.com ...

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    Re: VB6 -- Edit Image

    Here's some code you can study:
    Private Sub Form_Load()
     Dim SP As StdPicture
     Dim Cap As String 'caption
     Dim TH As Long, TW As Long 'text width/height
     Dim CapTop As Boolean
     CapTop = True
     Cap = "Default Caption"
     Set SP = LoadPicture("C:\MyDocs\Misc\kws.bmp")
     With Picture1
      .ScaleMode = vbTwips
      .AutoRedraw = True
      TW = .TextWidth(Cap)
      TH = .TextHeight("|")
      .Width = Picture1.ScaleX(SP.Width, vbHimetric, vbTwips)
      .Height = Picture1.ScaleY(SP.Height, vbHimetric, vbTwips) + TH
      If CapTop Then
       .PaintPicture SP, 0, TH
       Picture1.Line (0, 0)-(.Width, TH), vbCyan, BF
       .CurrentX = (.Width - TW) \ 2 'center the text
       .CurrentY = 0
       .PaintPicture SP, 0, 0
       Picture1.Line (0, .Height - TH)-(.Width, .Height), vbCyan, BF
       .CurrentX = (.Width - TW) \ 2
       .CurrentY = .Height - TH
      End If
      Picture1.Print Cap
     End With
    End Sub

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