Bouncing Beach Balls
Bouncing Beach Balls is the start of a game project.

As part of this project I have added some features for the Dx9Ice game engine for the upcomming version
* Toggle Full Screen - in game
* Full Screen with borders - keeping your game in the original resolution
* Automatic Window resize and centering
* IceAnimation - a new interface for easy / automatic sprite animation handling
* TextType feature in IceFont. Nice for "Dating Sims" or text adventures or just a cool menu.
* Smooth bilinear filtering for Fonts and Sprites (or not-you decide)

One of the goals with Bouncing Beach Balls (beyond making a fun game) is to make it look good both on
regular 4:3 monitors (800x600 and 1024x768) and widescreen 5:3 / 8:5 monitors (1280x768 / 1280x800 up) and at the same time be able to run on Netbooks with 1024x600.

All internal game logic and graphics will be designed in 960x600 and the various monitors will be supported with different options Aspect correct Scaling or borders around a centered screen

This screenshot is from today's dev session:

If anyone has experience and suggestions for making games that allow the game logic to run in a fixed format but at the same time support a larger range of monitors - please let me know

Other comments are also welcome - as always