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Thread: Vista Style Menu Strips

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    Question Vista Style Menu Strips

    Hello everyone.

    I am having a bit of a problem.
    I see many programs using a menu strip similar to the folowing:

    My grey menu style just looks ugly...
    I guess I should not use the image as background, because XP has other style menustrips, so it must be some sort of menu strip.

    How can I make a menustrip with that style?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Vista Style Menu Strips

    The MenuStrip doesn't support that 'theme' by default, but the 'MainMenu' does. This is basically the old version of the MenuStrip (MenuStrip has replaced it in VS2005 I think), but you can still use it; you just have to add it to your toolbox manually (right clicking and choosing Choose Items).

    Unfortunately I believe it does not support images on items which is usually a major drawback.

    The other option is to create a custom renderer for the MenuStrip. You can have it look exactly the same if you want to spend the time on it. It's not particularly hard but it takes some effort. If you want to look at an example, see my signature. There's one or two examples around (the VS2008 renderer is an example).
    The drawback of this is (or can be) that it will look the same on every windows version and any theme. So it will look like the Vista strip on XP too, and also if the user is using a completely different style. That may be a good thing sometimes but if you want to supply the user with the 'default' style for their system then it may not be an option.

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    Re: Vista Style Menu Strips

    Hehe well I simply took a little screenshot, cut the image to 20x20 and I set it as background for the menustrip.

    It looks very nice...

    Only one question, is there copyright on that texture/gradient?


    Yeah, indeed the main menu supports that..lol
    Last Time I added it it was just grey, thanks for the advice

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