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Thread: Help to compile?

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    Help to compile?

    Ok, So i have started scripting stuff for GTA:IV, I've looked at some demo scripts and think i have the hang of it, This is what the readme said:

    6. Writing new scripts
    Look at the "scripts\for Developers" folder you extracted to
    your GTA IV folder earlier. It contains example projects
    to start with. You could just edit the vb or cs script files
    with Notepad and copy the resulting script to the "scripts"
    subfolder of your GTAIV directory.
    However, coding will be MUCH more comfortable and easy if you
    use Visual Studio to edit your scripts. Look below for a free
    download. Open the SLN Project files with Visual Studio to get
    ready-to-compile script examples. Use those examples as a base
    for your own scripts.
    If you want to create a completely new VS project, make sure
    that you add a reference to the included ScriptHookDotNet.dll.
    This file is ONLY required for coding. On runtime, your
    scripts will automatically use the ScriptHookDotNet.asi that
    is located in your GTAIV directory. Thus you don't need to
    bundle your script with one of those files when you want to
    release it. If you don't want to release the plain  vb or cs
    script files, you can use the compiled DLL. You just have to
    make sure that the file ends to ".net.dll" or just ".net"!
    If a script does not run, take a look at the logfile
    ScriptHookDotNet.log . It will write down all errors that
    occur during compiling or runtime.
    Do NOT include ScriptHookDotNet.asi or ScriptHookDotNet.dll
    in the release of your script! Link to this thread instead!
    Free Visual Studio Express downloads (registration is free too):

    I'm not sure what it means because it tells you to to just open them with notepad but doesn't it need to be compiled?.

    So heres a screenshot, I cant seem to find out how to compile it either ;/

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    Re: Help to compile?

    Open the SLN Project files with Visual Studio to get
    ready-to-compile script examples.
    Have you tried that yet?
    I also recommend asking the author of that topic or someone on the official forum.
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