I have googled a lot looking for step by step tutorials on how to set up an office network with windows 2003 server and vista clients. To my surprise I couldn't find any. If someone here can give me some step by step hints or direct me to any tutorials I would be very grateful. Here is teh deal

* We have a WIndows 2003 server hardware + 2003 server licence

* 8 vista desktop machines

* 6 static IP addresses from our ISP

WHat I need advice on ( I ave been working with computers (mostly software) development for the past 10 years so no deeper explanations are needed)

* How to confgure the IP addresses for the server and clients, the Windows 2003 server should be accessible from the outside as a web server.

* The server should host a AD network for the company users as well as private disk space and public folders (e.g. file server)

* The server should act as adomain controllant for the office domain

* THe server should act as a DHCP server for the clients

WHat I need help with is how to set the IP Addresses. We have a gateway/router at xxx.xxx.xxx.201 and 202-206 as static internet addresses. 207 is the broadcast and is netmask.

Should the server have both 80.xxx.xxx.202 and (or whatever) both external and internal ip addresses or how should I set it up?

When I log on using the clients, I want to select the domain MYDOMAIN\MYUSERNAME and then log on with the home folder already mapped. I take it some startup script is needed.

Lots of info here, by primary concern is that I am unsure how to confiure then many ip addresses and DHCP. If someone can help me wit that I can figure out the rest on my own I think.

kind regards