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    Utility: CafChat - Simple P2P LAN Chat [VB6]

    This project should be useful as a utility and also as a source of sample code for using Mailslots in VB6 programs. The Mailslot.ctl in this Project should prove usuable for most simple applications of Mailslots in VB6. Just copy Mailslot.ctl and Mailslot.ctx to your Project folder and then use Add file... to add the control.

    The precompiled binary files were scanned with AVG Free 8.5 and should prove virus-free.

    CafChat 1.1 is a basic P2P LAN chat applet. It allows users at multiple different machines within the same Domain or Workgroup to chat with each other.

    If left running or if a shortcut is placed in the Start Menu's Startup folder, CafChat can be used as a simple alternative to the Messenger Service and NET SEND commands. Windows Vista and later do not include those tools. Unlike using MSG.EXE which is not part of Vista Home editions CafChat does not require that Terminal Services/Remote Desktop be installed and running.

    Because of the way it uses Mailslots only one copy can be run on each machine. This makes it unsuitable for Terminal Servers. Aside from basic testing two machines or a second machine in a VM are required. The machines must have Windows Networking (File and Print Sharing) enabled, and the firewalls must allow it through. Verifying this is important since it is the most likely source of failure.

    • Simple short-message chatting among multiple parties.
    • Send on "enter" (no need to click the Send button).
    • List of active users, showing username@computername.
    • Regular message Send plus Alert send. Alert will flash the taskbar button of minimized peers.
    • Lightweight (61K plus 212K richtx32.ocx).

    Bob Riemersma

    System Requirements
    Enclosed precompiled binary uses registration-free COM, which allows it to be stored on removable media and run without installation on Windows XP or later. Tested on XP SP3, Vista SP2, and Windows 7 RC.

    For best results the VB6 SP6 runtime is recommended. Deploying the precompiled binary to XP or later is simple. Just copy the "bin" folder contents to a hard drive or flash drive location. If installing on a hard drive you may wish to create a shortcut on your desktop, which can be dragged or copied to your Start Menu as well.

    It should be possible to recompile and package CafChat for formal installation on Windows 9x, 2000, and later.

    Unencumbered public domain freeware. May be used by anyone in whole or in part in either source or binary forms. No guarantees or support offered. CafChat is made available as-is for use at your own discretion.
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