Hey all, used the search button but didn't really turn up anything.

So I've made a nice Dx7 puzzle game, and I want the user to be able to submit their score to a worldwide hi-score table. I've got a few GBs of webspace that supports FTP (but not SQL). I'm using VB6, but I can switch to VB.NET if it's more feasible on there.

So I thought maybe one of the following:

1) Clicking submit will send an email (somehow) to me with a "hiscore" file attached. I personally save this and recompile the hi-score list and upload it online.

2) The program will download hiscore.txt from the webspace, amend it and then re-upload it via FTP.

3) Everytime a user "submits" their score the program will save a file to the webspace with a filename based upon the attained numerical score. To get the hiscore list, the files need only be sorted by filename.

Obviously those three have potential problems, I imagine I'd be using the internet transfer control to up/download, with the ftp password being downloaded from an encrypted file on the webspace.

So yeah, what do you guys think? Could any of the above work well? Any better ways to do it?