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    Screenshot upload Utility - ZScreen

    Our fellow C# devs, Three of us are developing an open source utility called ZScreen for practicing C# concepts. The program actually started off as a screenshot utility in version 1. Scope was expanded to support Text Uploaders such as, and this has been further extended to File Uploaders in version 3.x.

    You are highly welcomed to check out the source code and provide comments and discussion here:

    Title: ZScreen

    Description: ZScreen is an open-source screen capture program for Microsoft Windows. It can upload screenshots, pictures, text & files and put the URL in your clipboard in a single keystroke. More information can be found by access the Google Code project home page at

    Feature list:


    • Entire Screen
    • Active Window
    • Selected Window
    • Crop Shot
    • Last Crop Shot
    • Periodic Screenshots via Auto Capture
    • Clipboard Upload
    • Images from Drag & Drop Window
    • Screen Color via Screen Color Picker

    Image Uploaders

    • ImageShack
    • TinyPic
    • Flickr
    • ImageBam
    • TwitPic
    • TwitSnaps
    • YFrog
    • Deki Wiki
    • Custom Uploader
    • Clipboard
    • File

    File Uploaders

    • FTP
    • RapidShare
    • SendSpace

    Text Uploaders

    • PasteBin
    • Paste2
    • Slexy

    URL Shorteners


    Text Services

    • Language Translator
    • Directory Indexer


    Main Window:

    Actions Toolbar:

    Author names:
    Brandon Zimmerman - inf1ni
    Mike Delpach - McoreD
    Berk - Jaex

    System Requirements:
    Windows XP, Vista or 7
    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

    License info:
    GPL v2

    Hopefully everybody from Novice to Advanced levels in C# will have something enjoyable here. What the project can offer include:

    FTP Client: Demonstrated in ZSS.FTPClientLib.csproj, the FTP Client shows integration of Starksoft FTP Component library that supports HTTP Proxy. SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 support are planned for near future.

    Windows 7 Taskbar integration: Using the recently released Windows 7 Code Pack v1.0, ZScreen is able to take advantage of the latest features in Windows 7 Taskbar. Recent Items uploaded by ZScreen are shown in the Taskbar as shown below. A command line interface (ZScreenCLI) is also in the works which utilizes methods in ZScreenLib, which is responsible for User Tasks in the Windows 7 Taskbar.

    Recent Items. Custom Categories & User Tasks:

    Taskbar Buttons:

    Google Translator: As part of Text Services, ZScreen utilizes the Google Translate engine. It is coded in such a way that new languages are automatically detected and added to ZScreen without any code modification. This is contrary to most other widely popular Google Translate powered applications which require updates to support new languages

    Linq and Lambda expressions: Relatively new to C# and certainly new concepts for novice users of C# language, these concepts are shown in the ZSS.UploadersLib.csproj

    XML Serialization: ZScreen uses XML Serialization to read/write settings. Sgen.exe is used to generate DLLName.Serializers.dll in order to avoid common XmlSerializer performance pitfalls.

    SVN Rev to Assembly Info: Another command line utility is developed to edit the AssemblyInfo.cs file and feed the current SVN Revision. This can be shown in the About Window:

    Embedding Native win32 icons as discussed in


    Edit: Attempted to upload source code.
    Your file of 5.13 MiB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 500.0 KiB for this filetype.

    Edit 2: Alternative host for source code; (4.50 MiB)
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    Re: Screenshot upload Utility - ZScreen

    Any program for open this source code plase , thanks

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    Re: Screenshot upload Utility - ZScreen

    Welcome to VBForums

    The code is for C#, and you can get the free version of it from

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    Re: Screenshot upload Utility - ZScreen

    Thanks for reply

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    Re: Screenshot upload Utility - ZScreen

    Just played around with this application and i have to say it is quite powerfull!. Very nice work here

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    Re: Screenshot upload Utility - ZScreen

    seems like they should integrate with this. it just seems a lot more well-suited. they have a really easy to use API as well. preferable imo...

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