let's say I m trying to create a grid usercontrol which consists of let's say collection class Books which is in

turn a collection of class book.
So When any properties of class book is changed let's say "name" I want to generate an event and notify it to its

collection class and in turn notify it to the usercontrol grid so that usercontrol and capture the event and change

accordingly in it. But the problem is I have created an event in class book and generated it but I couldn't figure

out a way to generate or capture the event in it's collection class and in user control.

Note that my collection class books uses collection to store all the classes book.

Is there anybody who could figure out the problem and solve it in easy way. I just want to capture the event in

collection class books and return it to usercontrol. Isn't there any way to add handler to the events generated by

each object book in collection class books.

Thanking you,