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Thread: [Serious]Why are you not a believer of the existence of God

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    Re: [Serious]Why are you not a believer of the existence of God

    Quote Originally Posted by CVMichael View Post
    I agree with everything you said in the previous post. As I said before, we are here to learn our lessons, this is our back-yard, our testing ground...

    Could I have the complete thing ?
    Here's the letter in an attachment. I was once a Trappist (an order in the Catholic Church) monk but only for 2 years. I sent the letter to the abbots of all the Trappist monasteries in the US and a few outside of the US. I had an experience that brought me out of the monastery that I talk about in the letter. The quotes from Yogananda went with the letter and there's also the Primetime story about the boy and a recommended reading list that is at the end of a list of quotes that is similar to the other list of quotes you find here.

    In the long letter I make somewhat of a sales pitch for the path that I follow, Self-Realization Fellowship. I think though that there are many good paths that lead to God-Realization. Yogananda said, "All paths are paths to God because ultimately there is no other place for the soul to go. Everything has come out of God and must go back to Him."

    Warning. The letter is 22 pages long.
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