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Thread: Any Pick/Universe People out there

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    Justr wanting to know if anyone else is using these systems.

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    I was one of them


    I used Pick on MvBASE and uniDATA with uniBASIC but I did not like it since they are not too popular, but a lots of places uses them and they are not aware of it.

    I actualy heard that SQL was based on Pick TCL.

    What do ya think?

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    Thumbs up Hmmm....could well be

    The syntax of MS SQL is very similar to Pick SELECT or SORT statements, so one can only suppose. Not that Bill Gates would steal anyone else's ideas of course.

    Yeah down here PICK/Universe has a decreasing market share, Oracle, Progress, SQL are all taking it's market. Mind you l think this is due to the cowboys in the Pick world rather than the actual product.

    Pick still kicks ass as a database, but huge mistake by the guys/gals at Pick Systems not positioning it to work directly with windows products. My own company makes quite a lot of money each year providing tools to data mine from Pick/Universe/etc and format to word, excel, and crystal.

    Managed GA's mvBase product here, but the idiots wouldn't allocated the cash needed to market it to the local community, hence Universe outstripped it in sales.

    Am moving over to Progress, we got a client who wants some COBOL systems re-written in Progress and vb. Go figure, none of us know the first thing about Progress but these guys didn't seem to think this was a major.

    In a couple of weeks am doing a few weeks worth of Progress courses to get up to speed. Still waiting on them to deliver our Windows version so we can actually start dissecting it.

    Pity about Pick, but some companies don't know how to market and/or re-engineer their product. We will adopted all our data mining tools to Progress, unless it hasd native tools.

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    Re: Any Pick/Universe People out there

    Actually, SQL predates Bill Gates. If you are interested in converting text-based applications, I could help.

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    Re: Any Pick/Universe People out there

    Guess this thread is well out of date, but am using unidata on unix for our main buisness apps. Still chuckling over management's idea that we convert to oracle in under two years LOL

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