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Thread: The "What do you think of how my app looks" thread

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    Re: The "What do you think of how my app looks" thread

    Quote Originally Posted by NickThissen View Post
    The colors are the same as in the sim, so people know what they mean.
    I didn't used it before. So, I was unaware of that.

    Quote Originally Posted by NickThissen View Post
    Also, you can now see them grow when they are aproaching you, so you get a kind of warning that a faster car is aproaching. In this case, the pink car is slow and the blue one is very fast, so this helps a lot in predicting when they will overtake you so you are not surprised.
    That would be awesome

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    Re: The "What do you think of how my app looks" thread

    Wow I really like the look of it, and I'm impressed with your plugin architecture - I've wanted to do something similar giving other people the ability to write plugins that my app could load didn't really have a clue where to start or how it would work.
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    Re: The "What do you think of how my app looks" thread

    In my case it's quite simple. I just have (in a separate project) a Plugin abstract class with some properties that the inheritor has to implement, like the title of the window and a Content property which is a UserControl displayed in the dockable pane. In my main app I check a folder for DLL files and load them into an Assembly object, from which I can get all the types that inherit Plugin. I create an instance of those types (Activator.CreateInstance), and for each type i create a new dockable pane into which i put the UserControl (what the Content property of the plugin returns). That's basically it. The plugins then have an abstract method that I call 4 times a second with new information from the sim, and they can do with that what they want

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