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    VB .Net Programming

    If you are looking for a VB .Net programmer, telecommunications or network engineer leave me a message here.

    Will also do contract RS232 programming.

    Potential employers can view resume here Career Services Online

    Professional Profile
    IT professional experienced in networking, telecommunications, and programming environments demanding strong organizational, technical, and interpersonal skills.
    Resourceful in completing detailed projects with a proven track record of adapting to the ever-changing technical landscape.
    Strong Microsoft Office skills.
    Experience Highlights
    Network / Telecommunications Engineering
    •	Designed, delivered, installed, and maintained high performance network solutions utilizing routers, switches, long haul fiber optics, and TDM multiplexers (DS1 – OC192).
    •	Directed all facets of project life cycles – from conceptual design through documentation, implementation, and end user acceptance and training.
    Software Development
    •	Developed and maintained:
    o	Operating Systems
    o	End-user Systems
    •	Built an object avoidance robot.
    •	Founded a Network & Telecommunications Engineer, Furnish, and Install (EF&I) business that had revenues of $2M the first year and grew to $8M in year 4.
    •	Directed the efforts of a Power Line Communications manufacturer from start up to revenue producing.
    Linn State Technical College
    •	2010 – Present.  Expected graduation May 2012.  Pursuing Associate of Applied Science degree.  Cumulative GPA: 4.0
    •	Career Services Online  (https://www.myinterfase.com/linnstate/employer/)
    Industry Related Technical Coursework
    •	30+ courses.  Diplomas / certificates available upon request.
    Professional Experience
    •	Provide network support for Comcast Cable’s Northeast Region.
    •	Assist individuals in the development of VBA applications.
    •	Develop serial port and raw socket programs.
    •	Participate in many online programming forums (user – dbasnett).
    •	Planned and implemented all aspects of new product roll out.
    •	Identified and specified product functionality.
    •	Assisted marketing in development of sales materials.
    •	Developed product test software.
    •	Implemented and managed product support help desk.
    Network Visions
    •	Founded and owned.
    •	Managed a 20 person technical staff as Chief Technical Officer.
    •	Managed numerous large network installations.
    o	Suburban Cable (part of Comcast today) – interconnected SONET Rings
    	Eastern/Central Pennsylvania, Eastern New Jersey, Delaware
    	Fujitsu SONET, Cisco routers / switches, Newbridge ATM, Symmetricom GPS Timing
    o	FiberWeb
    	New Orleans, LA to Houston, TX via oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico
    	Fujitsu SONET, Cisco routers / switches, GPS Timing, General Datacomm ATM
    o	RCN
    	New York, NY
    	Fujitsu SONET
    o	USAA
    	San Antonio, TX and San Angelo, TX
    	Fujitsu SONET, Symmetricom GPS Timing
    •	Developed sales lead and revenue projection software.
    •	Developed automated configuration software.
    •	Oversaw the companies Cisco VoIP solution.
    Integration Specialists
    •	Designed, installed, and maintained ISI customer networks.
    o	Cisco routers / switches, Bay Networks switches / hubs, Fibermux optical transport
    NASA Headquarters
    •	Operated and maintained a 3,000 person network.
    o	TCP/IP, IPX, DECnet, and AppleTalk protocols
    o	Cisco routers, Synoptics FDDI hubs, ODS hubs, and Kalpana switches
    •	Performed network diagnostics using Wandel Goltermann and Network General network analyzers, Microtest NEXT Scanners, T-Berd T1 analyzer, HP OpenView, and Tektronix TFP2.
    •	Conducted Ethernet switch versus hub study that led to the adoption of switches.
    U.S. House of Representatives
    •	Designed and programmed a Correspondence Management System for use by Member offices.
    •	Installed and maintained networks geographically encompassing six buildings located on Capitol Hill, with the ability for remote networking with district offices.
    Moore Business Systems
    •	Marketed and sold personal computers.
    •	Conducted Apple desktop publishing seminars.
    •	Provided technical support to customers.
    General Electric Information Service Co.
    •	Consulted on the design for the re-write of the MARKIII Operating system.
    •	Designed and programmed the security module for MARKIII.
    •	Provided technical support for GCOS and Multics hardware and software.
    •	Performed customer demonstrations and presentations.
    •	Reviewed and appraised government solicitation documents (RFP / RFQ).
    •	Designed and programmed the BESTOP compiler for the Bureau of Economic Analysis.
    •	Configured, installed, and managed acceptance testing of major Level 66 systems at the Bureau of Economic Analysis and U.S. Secret Service.
    U.S. Navy
    •	Performed operating system maintenance and system programming on a multi-processor Honeywell 6060 WWMCCS system.
    •	Conducted operating system release installation, failure analysis, and system software development.
    •	Conducted communication software failure analysis and maintenance.
    Steven’s Manufacturing
    •	Developed Inventory Management system for IBM 1620.
    Jefferson City Senior High School
    •	Participated in the development of a grade reporting and attendance system as a student.
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