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    Post [VB 2005] Game Inventory

    Hi this is a simple inventory that can be used on small games.

    If you are newish to VB then read on.

    It at the moment has 4 slots but you can add more by (lets run on the example of "10" slots you want:

    Now add the labels on the form. Naming each one. (The first 4 are already done) lblslot5, lblslot6, lblslot7........ lblslot10

    Once done then go into the code and Look for the line near the top.
    Dim slots(3) As Label
    Since this is an array. You take 1 from the full amount you want. So if you want 10 slots then you put in the () 9 so...
    Dim slots(9) As Label
    in the form load you now need to set each the array to find the labels. So follow the pattern...

    slots(0) = lblSlot1
    slots(1) = lblSlot2
    slots(2) = lblSlot3
    slots(3) = lblSlot4


    slots(9) = lblSlot10

    until you get to lblSlot10.

    Now the last thing is to change the number in the loop... look for the line:
    For index = 0 To 3
    if you'r following the example of 10 slots then you change the 3 to a 9.
    Also change the line:

    index = 5 'Stops t...

    index = 100

    Hope this makes sense. Wasnt that good at explaining things. If you need help just email or PM me. Cheers...

    And yes i know it simple. But people gotta start off somewhere.
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    Re: [VB 2005] Game Inventory

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    Re: [VB 2005] Game Inventory

    Ah sorry, when you say compiling. That meaning the exe or somthing? Sorry for being a noob here...

    EDIT: OH wait i know what you mean XD
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