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Thread: How do I test if an object is null again?

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    How do I test if an object is null again?

    I thought IsNull was used to see if an object was never set or set to "nothing" but it doesn't work:

    Dim test as node 'Node is a linked list node class
    if isnull(test) then
    msgbox "null"
    msgbox "not null"
    For me, "Not Null" always comes up.

    How can I test if an object is nothing/null/not set?
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    Re: How do I test if an object is null again?

    If test Is Nothing Then '-- it was not set
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    Re: How do I test if an object is null again?

    Null isn't the "variable hasn't been initialized" value, but rather "this datapoint doesn't exist so ignore it in aggregate SQL calculations."

    To identify whether a variable has been initialized is different for variants and objects:

    If IsEmpty(Variant) Then ' Variant variable was not initialized

    If (Object Is Nothing) Then ' Object variable was not initialized

    There's also IsMissing(), which is used to check if Optional parameters of type Variant were sent.

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