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Thread: [RESOLVED] Automation Error Catastrophic Failure

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Automation Error Catastrophic Failure

    I'm using Ciansoft's TwainControlX control to scan documents. It's working great most places but today I did my usual install and every time I go to scan I get this message:

    Error Number -2147418113 Automation Error Catastrophic Failure.

    The scanner is a HP LaserJet M1319fMFP and it does work with the software it came with.

    My software has also worked in the past with at least 10 different types of scanners.


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    Re: Automation Error Catastrophic Failure

    What is your "usual install"?
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    Re: Automation Error Catastrophic Failure

    Ok.. CianSoft (maker of the Twain OCX I use in my program) got me to run a few log files. Turns out that the HP driver for the 1319 isn't 100% TWAIN compliant.

    As I understand it, a TWAIN interface can be told to set 1 for Black, 0 for White or it can be told to do the reverse (1 for White, 0 for Black). The default is 1 for black but just to be safe the Ciansoft's OCX sends a message to the TWAIN driver saying "1 for Black". To date this has worked on at least 10 different scanners and it's totally TWAIN compliant.

    But it doesn't work with the HP 1319. It's driver (and possibly other HP drivers) don't understand the "1 for Black" message so it returns a Catastrophic Failure message that the OCX passes up to my program. Result: My customer hits SCAN and my program says "Catastrophic Failure". Thanks HP!

    Ian over at CianSoft figured out the problem and just turned that "1 for Black" command off for HP scanners then sent me a new OCX. Worked like a charm.

    What's amazing is that this guy in the UK is working so hard to support his control. He's busy checking logs and recompiling his code on a Sunday just to help me out. I paid about $110 back 2 years ago and this guy is giving me tech support and free updates. Amazing. And this is a big deal for me. My customer is opening a new office on Tuesday and with my application saying "Catastrophic Failure" I would have looked lke a total dufus. Ian really came through for me and saved my bacon.

    If you need a decent TWAIN OCX and you want one cheap with amazing support I can't say enough good things about the CianSoft TwainControlX.

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