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Thread: VB6 Sprite 2.0.0 control

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    VB6 Sprite 2.0.0 control

    My object it's a 2D Sprite control.
    it's very easy to use it
    with these object you can create your 2D Games Quickly and Easy and it's very easy to use it


    -Making Games Quickly and Easy;
    -Having some Graphics Effects;
    -Transparency(hide the backcolor, you can change the color); Stretch; change 1 color to another one; Black and White; Tiles(copy the image by Sprite control size); Rotation the image; Mirror the image;

    -Having the Events that normaly we use in games and more:
    Collision; Mouse Exit; Mouse Scrolling; Move and NotMove; Joystick; the KeyDown event don't the Delay; Create and Destroy(these last one is in work);

    -Very Easy to Use:
    - Has property pages for be easy to use in Project Mode.

    -More propertyies and methods:
    - you can use Strips images(1 big image wiht very subimages that you can make 1 animation), Collision Precise(you can change the Collision rectangule).

    -Reading more images(animated too):
    - Can read animated gif files(except the methods gif files, for now ), animated cursors(in FileName property, not in Cursor Icon);

    i need to know what you think...
    i accept sugestions and comments: Cambalinho_83@hotmail.com.
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    VB6 2D Sprite control

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