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    [VB6] Picture/Video Viewer

    Utility: Viewer/modifier for JPEG photographs and AVI and MPEG movies

    Title: Picture Viewer

    Description: Allows the user to view JPEG format photographs and AVI and MPG movies. It allows the JPEGs to be viewed in a variety of ways, to add descriptions to them, and to rotate, crop, print and delete them if desired.

    Note: In order to run the Picture Viewer you will need to download the FreeImage.dll from here and place it in the App.Path since it's too big to attach, or PM me and I'll send you a copy.

    Version 1.7 - 02/22/10:
    • Added picture print function
    • Add ability to change the size of of a movie while it is paused
    • Added scrolling thank you's to Vb Forums members in Help|About
    • Got rid of annoying beep heard when jumping to a specific image number
    • Improved the thumbnail display
    • Added sort by date Picture Created option
    • Moved Select parent Folder option to File menu
    • Corrected several minor bugs

    Version 1.6 - 09/24/08:
    • Add picture names to thumbnails
    • Corrected bug involved in changing parent folder

    Version 1.5 - 08/18/08:
    • Added the ability to view movies
    • Descriptive placeholder images now show up instead of "invalid picture" messages and in situations like the slideshow where a movie can't be shown.
    • Added code so that the name of the picture or video always shows up in the screen caption.
    • Corrected tab order of forms.

    Version 1.4 - 08/03/08:
    • Implemented a much faster method of finding the pictures in a folder
    • Added Horizontal scrollbar for use with thumbnails, and changed the thumbnail exiting method to Esc to be consistent
    • Load cursors and variable icons from a resource file instead of hard drive
    • Added pause/resume feature in slideshow
    • Removed "Normal" and "Full Screen" radio buttons in favor of a ControlBox
    • Added more right-click popup menu items
    • Corrected major problem where the addition of a long description would damage a photo. Corrected by removing PlanetSourceCode code with functions from the FreeImage library. Tested successfully with 3000 character description.
    • Corrected a small bug where in rare instances a division by zero error could occur when creating a crop rectangle
    • Corrected a small bug where the display of long comments was being cut off
    • Corrected a small bug where in a long node list if the selected node required scrolling to get to then the selected node would go out of view after a slideshow
    • Corrected a small bug where treeview width was not restored after running slideshow from Expanded view
    • Corrected a small bug where when entering slideshow from full screen, the current photo wasn't resized

    Version 1.3 - 07/25/08:
    • Added image cropping function
    • Added tooltips to main form
    • Corrected a problem where the same starting tooltip was always shown depending on how the tips were closed
    • Added more tips

    Version 1.2 - 07/15/08:
    • Made several changes and corrections to zoom function including the prevention of the zoomed image from becoming too large, or smaller than the original size, implementation of Ctrl_R as a way to re-center the zoomed image, and the use of a "magnifying glass" cursor
    • Reduced picture flutter during resizing. (Thanks to Half Flung Pie)
    • Added "Comments to be Ignored" menu item and dialog so that a list of camera manufacturer's comments can be maintained.
    • Corrected problems the occurred when opening the app after the app had been closed in "Full Screen" mode
    • Made corrections and improvements to slideshow picture description processing
    • Added more tips

    Version 1.1 - 07/12/08:
    • Made changes to accommodate 1024 x 768 and other resolutions
    • Replaced vbuSplitter2 (vbuSplitter2.ocx no longer needed) with code
    • Added right-click popup menu
    • Added progress bar when loading pictures
    • Added option to set the number of photos that will trigger the display of the progress bar while loading the pictures
    • Made a small change to the "Select the parent folder..." dialog
    • Added code to save form position
    • Corrected small bug where direction buttons had to be pressed twice after ending slideshow
    • Corrected thumbnail display processing so that the thumbnail always displays the whole picture
    • Made small correction for Apple cameras. At least one Apple camera was placing "AppleMark" in the description area of the photo and the change was to not show that text. It will be overridden by any description added by this app.
    • Added more tips

    Version 1.0 - 07/07/08:
    • View photos one at a time or in a slide show
    • View photos in "normal" or full screen mode
    • Add a description to a photo. Note: the description is stored in the photo. I've never had a problem with this but test it first with a photo you don't care about.
    • View all the thumbnails at once for the photos in a folder
    • Zoom in or out on a photo
    • Rotate a photo
    • Send a photo to the recycle bin

    Known Problems:
    • When a picture is rotated, the internal thumbnail is not kept in sync, in other words it is not rotated.
    • There may be some color distortion in the preview crop picture when one dimension is significantly larger than in the other. The distortions do not however show up in the final JPEG.

    Screen-shots: See below

    Author Name: Martin Liss

    Thanks: See Help|About

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