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Thread: [RESOLVED] compile error syntax error

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] compile error syntax error

    I posted this one yesterday about the EA in the first line of the code and removed the " before the EA. I tried the macro again and received compile and syntax error? (and the first line is highlighted ending with "Origin". This macro worked before i changed it to have the file open the current day. (first line) since then it hasn't worked. so I change the date manually every day before I run it.

    any ideas?

    Workbooks.OpenText Filename:="X:\xfiles\sha\tor\hldovr\EA" & format(now(), "yymmdd") & ".TXT", Origin
    :=437, StartRow:=1, DataType:=xlDelimited, TextQualifier:=xlDoubleQuote _
    , ConsecutiveDelimiter:=False, Tab:=False, Semicolon:=False, Comma:= _
    True, Space:=False, Other:=True, OtherChar:=")", FieldInfo:=Array(Array _
    (1, 1), Array(2, 1), Array(3, 1), Array(4, 1), Array(5, 1), Array(6, 1), Array(7, 1), Array(8 _
    , 1), Array(9, 1)), TrailingMinusNumbers:=True
    ChDir "S:\MMCR\Toronto\Holdover"
    Workbooks.Open Filename:="S:\MMCR\Toronto\Holdover\Master_Holdover.xls", _
    UpdateLinks:=0, Origin:=xlWindows
    Workbooks.Open Filename:="S:\MMCR\Toronto\Holdover\NAV.xls", UpdateLinks:=0 _
    , Origin:=xlWindows

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    Re: compile error syntax error

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    Re: compile error syntax error

    The first line missing line continuous character (space)_
    ...Origin _
    Rewrite it like this will be easier to see:
    Workbooks.OpenText Filename:="X:\xfiles\sha\tor\hldovr\EA" & format(now(), "yymmdd") & ".TXT", _
    Origin:=437, StartRow:=1, DataType:=xlDelimited, TextQualifier:=xlDoubleQuote, _
    ConsecutiveDelimiter:=False, Tab:=False, Semicolon:=False, Comma:=True, Space:=False, _
    Other:=True, OtherChar:=")", FieldInfo:=Array(Array(1, 1), Array(2, 1), Array(3, 1), _
    Array(4, 1), Array(5, 1), Array(6, 1), Array(7, 1), Array(8, 1), Array(9, 1)), _
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