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    validating a date picker in vb6.0

    Hallo guys,
    I'm still knew in vb and would like to know how to validate a date picker.
    For example I have a date picker in one of my forms and would like it not to allow the user to choose a date before last year. A typical example I'd not want the user to choose 1890 as the year of birth. Thanks in advance

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    Re: validating a date picker in vb6.0

    Welcome to VBForums

    For that kind of thing, you don't actually need to validate it at all - just tell it do that for you, by setting apt values in the MinDate and MaxDate properties (which by default are #01/01/1601# and #12/31/9999#).

    That has the bonus of not only validating, but also stopping the user from even selecting invalid values in the first place.

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    Re: validating a date picker in vb6.0

    DTPicker has two properties, MaxDate and MinDate. You can set these properties to whatever values you like.
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    Re: validating a date picker in vb6.0

    use dtpicker1.mindate to define the minimum available date and dtpicker1.maxdate to define maximum available date, use datediff() function to validate the given date

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