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Thread: Visual Studio 2005 help plz

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    Visual Studio 2005 help plz

    Could you please help with a visual basic exercise? I am completely lost.

    "A local recording studio rents its facilities for $200 per hour. Management charges only for the number of minutes used. Create a project in which the input is the name of the group and the number of minutes it used in the studio. Your program calculates the appropriate charges, accumalates the total charges for all groups, and computes the average charge and the number of groups that used the studio.

    Form: Use label text boxes for the name of the name of the group and the number of minutes used. The charges for the current group should be displayed and formatted in a label. Create a group box for all the summary information. Inside the group box, display the total of charges for all groups,the number of groups and the average charge per group. Format all output appropriately. Include buttons for calculate, clear and exit

    Code:Use a constant for rental rate per minute. Do not allow bad input data to cancel the program."

    I already have set it up i just need the code. Also if you could provide an explanation of the code I would really appreciate it. I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place. Thanks

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    Re: Visual Studio 2005 help plz

    So basically you just want us to do the exercise for you and then explain how it was done. Is that all?

    How about, instead of just posting the spec and expecting us to do it all for you, you start implementing it and then ask specific questions about things you don't understand? If you really have no clue whatsoever about where to start then I suggest you try easier exercises until your skills improve.
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    Re: Visual Studio 2005 help plz (radio usage calculator)

    What code do you have so far? Please post it up. Remember to use the [code] tags around it so it keeps it's formatting.
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    Re: Visual Studio 2005 help plz

    And not create duplicate threads:

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    Re: Visual Studio 2005 help plz

    Have you thought about how your code might be structured? Write out what steps your code is going to take when you press the Calculate button. After that, determine which steps you know how to translate into code. For those steps about which you have no clue, come back and ask

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    Re: Visual Studio 2005 help plz

    Duplicate Threads Mergd
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